As we know that slim body is the lifetime pursuit for each girl ugg boots, discount uggseven if it is just visual slim. In winter we have to wear more closes, thats will make us look more fat, then how to choose and wear can avoid that. Lets look the seven big taboo of winter clad collocation for far girl as followings:ugg boots Avoid wearing all black Its well knows that black make person look thinner. So there are some lovely girls choose wear in black and dress up as bond girl. But they dont know black can make us look more heavy; ugg salewill only show others the heavy feeling. Different levels of black or joining together with in a small other colors, can remove the heaviness of black. Avoid complex Fat shape should avoid complicated design, such as falbala, ugg boots outletwide belt will lead to redundant bulky. Concise model and add to details adorn can transfer the sight line; let your attention away from fat body. Avoid horizontal stripes too thick or thin ugg boots. We can begin from two levels to achieve visual thin effect, the one is longitudinal stretched and another is lateral contraction. The horizontal stripes will lead to expand feeling; discount uggswill let the physique thicker ugg boots. Of course, not all of the horizontal stripes show fat. An inch width of the stripe, fat girl in will also look nice. Avoid unfit A lot of people feel comfortable clothes can take dewlap hide, so will always be wrapped in wide clothing. Actually this kind of practice is wrong, although loose clothes will not make meat revealed, uggs boots outletbut also can give person the sense of sloppy. Only the rolled into one which is not tight or loose clothing, can really show thin. Avoid long coat and short trousers Before we have mentioned two methods to achieve the purpose of show thin, the longitudinal spin is one of them. Wearing long coat and short trousers can make us look more short and fat ugg boots. But hip coat with long trousers match, can stretch the longitudinal proportion and show thin. Avoid light color attune In choose of tonal, we should try to choose brunet attune of clothes. To compare with light color, brunet attune with advantageous visual contraction effect. And light color,ugg sale especially white color attune can lead to visual expand feeling. Of course, we still can choose lightsome and not heavy color, such as light blue, roses and so on. Avoid soft fabrics Soft fabrics, it always posted on the body and will expose dewlap completely. uggs outletSo on the choice of fabric should choose relatively stiff one ugg boots. Such fabric has good tolerance, can be effective in convergence dewlap.

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